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Double D Systems History

Double D Systems was established to serve as a Systems Group for small businesses and personal computers. It is our intention to develop a long term relationship with each client with enough contact to stay abreast of the client's business and personal needs.

We provide the sort of support that a in house system group or a brand name store customer service might provide, but on an as needed part time basis. We like to feel ownership in the clients business and personal needs.

Because we are totally independent and not associated with any hardware or software vendors we can give totally unbiased advice as to what is required to meet the needs of anyone. This results in the RIGHT selection of software and hardware for each person or business.

So let us come and help you with any questions or problems that you may have with your home computer or business.

Timeline of Double D Systems
1985 Founded by Don Davenport in Albany, GA
1993 Started Iindependent Business and went Full-Time
1996 Added on additional Support of Clinton Davenport
1999 Moved Business to Greensboro, NC
2005 Clinton established a seperate branch in Duluth, Georgia.

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